This social spot deals with the social rehabilitation of a former prison inmate.

Directed by Aidan Don, Photography by Michael Wimpissinger, Production by Felix Berlet,  Costume and Set Design by Sophie Marie Frauscher.


Two policemen stop at a gas station to have a cup of coffee, but something about the whole situation appears odd to them.

Directed by Lukas Leitner, Screenplay by Lukas Leitner, Photography by Felix Pflieger, Production by David Neumayr, Production Design by Radoslav Stoyanov, Costume Design by Sophie Marie Frauscher.

 Tag wie Nacht 

Set in rural Austria in the 19th century, this short movie is about a woman giving birth to her child and a man who succumbs to his disease.

Directed by Philipp Slaboch, Screenplay by Philipp Slaboch and Alexander Grader, Photography by Alexander Grader, Production by David Neumayr, Production Design by Radoslav Stoyanov and Farah Hakim, Costume Design by Sophie Marie Frauscher, Wardrobe Farah Hakim.


After winning CryptTV´s #15SecondScare contest, the team around director Daniel Limmer got the chance to shoot this final short movie in the Austrian woods. It is the story of a female documentary filmmaker and her unborn daughter Emma.


Directed by Daniel Limmer, Screenplay by Daniel Thomé, Photography by Roland Kluger, Production by David Neumayr, Lisa Ecker-Eckhofen, Christopher Bradley, Production Design by Farah Hakim, Costume Design by Sophie Marie Frauscher.