Lisa Pac - Boring

Costume Design and a Custom Outfit for this pastel dream. 

Directed by Rupert Höller, DOP Matthias Helldoppler, Production by Annex Productions, Costume Design by Sophie Marie Frauscher, Set Design by Vincent LeClaire.

 Cari Cari - Anaana 

In the third video I had the pleasure to work on for Cari Cari, the goddess is wearing a custom made headdress and wings. 

Directed by Cari Cari, DOP Kevin Pham, Photographer Filippus Nemestothy, Production by Cari Cari and Pressyes , Costume Design and Props by Sophie Marie Frauscher.

 Mavi Phoenix - Romantic Mode 

People in the streets of Beijing picked 250 roses from Mavi Phoenix´s Jacket. 

DOP Alex the Flipper, Production by LLT Records, Photos Bedmeanturn, Costume Design by Sophie Marie Frauscher.

 Cari Cari - Dark was the Night 

... Cold was the Ground. This song and video was part of the New European Songbook 2018.

Directed, Produced and Shot by LasGafas Films, Costume Design by Sophie Marie Frauscher.

 Slav - Connections 

The scenes in this video are modern interpretations of classicist pieces of art. 

Directed and Produced by Phillip Rirsch, DOP Fabian Rettenbacher, Set Design by Sophie Marie Frauscher, Styling by Hvala Ilija.

 Cari Cari - Mapache 

Inspired by Sergio Leone´s classic "spaghetti westerns", in Cari Cari´s music video a lady hunter is chasing a racoon.

Concept by Cari Cari and Roland Kluger, DOP Roland Kluger, Costume Design and Props by Sophie Marie Frauscher.