Bilderbuch - Nahuel Huapi

It was a pleasure to go on this sunset cruise with Sonya and Maurice.

Directed by Hendrik Schneider, CD by NEWFORMAT, DOP Sander Vandenbroucke, Production Christoph Kregl and Monika Le, Costume Design by KK Obi, Costume Assistant Sophie Marie Frauscher, Wardrobe Florentina Bawart and Sophie Marie Frauscher.

 Life Ball Style Bible 

Inspired by "The Sound of Music", we revisited the original locations of the film to shoot these pompous pictures featuring handmade costumes and headpieces.

Directed by Gerry Keszler, Poject Manager Peter Hanl, Costume Design by Gerry Keszler and Benedikt Muxel, Photography by Markus Morianz, Costume Assistant Sophie Marie Frauscher and Ramona Steiner.

 Salzburger Festspiele - Die Feenkönigin 

The opera for children is based on William Shakespeare´s "A Midsummer Night´s Dream" and takes the children to the magical world of fairy queen Titania. The biggest challenge in this production was a series of costume quick-changes on stage to surprise the young audience.

Written by Elena Tsavara and Henrik Albrecht, Directed by Elena Tsavara, Stage and Costume Design by Elisabeth Vogetseder, Stage and Costume Design Assistant Sophie Marie Frauscher.


Based on a true story, this short film is about Guido Zingerle, a serial murderer who striked terror into people´s hearts in the 1950s.

Written and Directed by Eric Marcus Weglehner, DOP Franco Marco Avi and Dominik Mayer, Production Gudrun Weglehner-Auböck, Costume Design by Christian Alfred Kahrer, Costume Assistant Sophie Marie Frauscher, Wardrobe Joy Philipps and Sophie Marie Frauscher.