Feuersalamander 451 

Based on the book Fahrenheit 451, the play paints a dark picture of our future society. The production traveled from venue to venue in the city of Vienna. The character defining costumes were made from vintage clothing.


The production for Wiendrama was Directed by Valentin Werner. Costume Design by Sophie Marie Frauscher.

 Effi Briest 

For this production at Schlosstheater Celle, the classic about life, love, lust and death of young Effi by Theodor Fontane got the working title "dying in pastel colors".


The play was Directed by Adnan Taha. Stage and Costume Design by Sophie Marie Frauscher.

 Die lächerliche Finsternis 

Based on Apocalypse Now and Heart of Darkness, this play takes actors and audience on a trip up a river in Afghanistan, deep into a jungle full of strange encounters, darkness and fear. Before being staged, the play by Wolfram Lotz was broadcast as an audio drama.

Directed for Landesbühne Niedersachsen Nord by Eva Lange, Stage and Costume Design by Sophie Marie Frauscher.

 Deportation Cast 

Deportation Cast by Björn Bicker is about the various people involved in deportations today. The four actors portray not only a family, who is about to be deported from Germany to Kosovo, but also a doctor, a case officer a lawyer, an activist and a german family.

Directed by Eva Lange, this was the first Stage and Costume Design project for Landesbühne Niedersachsen Nord by Sophie Marie Frauscher.